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Quality Interactions Quality Interactions

Develop relationships with your customers at all time, 24/7. Be present and interact with every customer in a meaningful way.

Higher Conversions Higher Conversions

Generate more leads and push them through your sales funnel. Get notified when there is a high quality sales lead who are ready to talk to you.

Automations Automation

Perform repetitive tasks according to schedule and condition. Deliver the work at scale with little to no work from your end.

Personalization Personalization

Deliver the help and content just like how your customers like it. Increase your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Make Better Decisions Better Decisions

Use the power of machine to analyze your data. It will check 100s of models to find the best result. Helps you make better decisions.

Customer Knowledge Customer Knowledge

Get deeper understanding about your customers. Know what motivates them and when they are most likely to buy.

"Artificial intelligence will be part of the home just like the light bulb."

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Conversational AI Platform

Conversational AI Platform

Conversation Creation Interfaces

Design and create rule-based conversation using easy to use interface. Deploy your AI-powered chatbots to multiple channels like website and Facebook. We are adding new features without disrupting your work.

Analytics Intelligence

Get answers and insights fast to improve your customers experience. Uncover insights about your customer needs by drilling down to individual conversation. Iterate quickly to achieve the highest performance possible - powered by AI.

Scalable Infrastructure

Store your data and run your conversations on high-performance and scalable cloud infrastructure. All data is encrypted on the fly to protect sensitive information. This demonstrates our commitment to information security. You have full ownership of your data.

Machine Learning and Data Analysis

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Learning Capabilities

Train the AI engine using real and accurate data sets. Apply Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and data science to get more out of your data. Help you make faster and better future decisions.

Conversion Optimization

Test a range of responses at different points in the conversation. Determine what conversation flow leads to the best audience experience. AI engine tests many variables at the same time to achieve greater results faster.

Data Analysis

Make your data works for you. AI engine learns and performs sentiment analysis during the conversation. It will schedule a call and send notification to you when the lead is ready to talk. Save you time and close more sales.

We partner with your team

Dedicated Service Team

Strategy & Execution

Your success is our priority and we know how to develop AI solutions that works for your business. We collaborate with your team and integrate the solution into your business operations.

Progressive Experience Improvement

Our solutions are all about building relationship with your audience. Learn more about them and being there when they need you will increase your sales in the long run. We will continue to improve your customer experience and results over time.

Solution Development

We design, develop and deploy unique AI-powered solutions for your business needs. We support your strategy to monetize and use your data professionally and ethically. We continue to refine machine learning solutions to stay competitive.

Expand your opportunities.

Customer Partnership

We help our customers stay ahead of the pack by delivering high level of service and new AI solutions. For us, this means being a reliable technology partner. We strive to make our customers more productive, efficient and profitable.

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